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Lawsuit Financial Takes Lawsuit Funding Services to a New Level

You have been involved in a devastating, disabling, personal injury accident. The bills are piling up and you need financial help. Where do you turn? More and more personal injury victims, while waiting for the long legal process to end, turn to lawsuit funding for that financial assistance. The concept of lawsuit funding was created to provide relief to pending litigants who, through no fault of their own, need immediate cash but do not qualify for traditional loan products. For some, these emergency funds make the difference between keeping or losing their home and putting food on the table. It can also provide financial leverage needed to achieve a much higher settlement or verdict.

Lawsuit Financial has developed an excellent reputation among plaintiffs and attorneys for its honesty, care, and personal touch. As an industry leader, simply providing a lawsuit cash advance to a client is not our only responsibility. Our top priority is to do what is best for the client, the attorney, and the case, regardless of whether we turn a profit. With our first-of-its-kind, FREE Client Resource Center (CRC), we provide direction and knowledge to our clients to help them “get back on their feet” during the litigation process, but also ensure they are taking the right steps for their future and security. The CRC helps clients find local and national assistance options, provide money saving and budgeting tips, and minimize their financial burdens not only during their pending claim, but beyond case settlement. And, this is an absolutely FREE service.

To learn more about Lawsuit Financial and our FREE Client Resource Center, visit us online or call one of our funding specialists or CRC counselor toll-free at 1-877-377-7848.

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