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Lawsuit Financial Corporation Give Plaintiffs The Means To Say “Yes” To Waiting For Justice

Litigation funding has become increasingly more popular in the United States as thousands of plaintiffs seek a means to ease the financial burden and increase access to justice. Due to the growing demand, attorneys routinely recommend Lawsuit Financial. Without our help, many plaintiffs would be forced to settle for less than they deserve.

I was injured in an auto accident because of another motorist who was texting while driving. My injuries kept me out of work for six months. When I did go back, it was only part-time for another six months until I could completely recover. My wife worked part-time and we have three kids. There just wasn’t enough money to pay all the bills, especially my medical expenses. My attorney suggested we look into getting a lawsuit cash advance. I vaguely recall seeing ads on TV, but he suggested I call Mark Bello at Lawsuit Financial. Mr. Bello’s staff was great from the first call until my case settled. They took my application over the phone and within 48 hours, I was paying my stack of bills. I know without the help of Lawsuit Financial, I would have been forced to settle for much less than my attorney was able to achieve. I highly recommend Lawsuit Financial. ~ T.P.

Generally, there are two types of funding options:
• Pre-settlement litigation funding is a lawsuit cash advance prior to case settlement.
• Post-settlement litigation funding is provided after case settlement, but before the plaintiff is paid.

What we require:
• A strong case.
• Attorney representation on a contingency basis

What we don’t require:
• Application fees.
• Monthly payments.
• Credit checks.
• Employment history.
• Repayment of the case is lost.

After a plaintiff applies for funding, we will request supporting case documents, such as an accident report, from the plaintiff’s attorney. Upon reviewing the pertinent information, if the case is approved, a contract will be prepared and sent to the plaintiff and his/her attorney to sign. Funds can be sent via overnight mail or direct deposit in as little as 24 hours.

Have you been injured in an auto accident and waiting for your settlement? Are you running short on cash and have no means to pay the bills? Don’t settle for less than full case value. Let Lawsuit Financial help you say “yes” to waiting for justice by providing you the short-term cash you need, allowing your attorney time to secure the best settlement possible. For more information, contact Lawsuit Financial toll-free at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848).