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Lawsuit Financial Corporation Offers “Independence” for Attorneys’ Legal Funding “Pain Points”

Lawsuit Financial Corporation is owned and operated by American Association of Justice member, trial lawyer Mark M. Bello. As a result, we understand most of the issues trial lawyers have with legal finance companies and why they often dislike utilizing law suit funding for their clients.
For these reasons and others, Lawsuit Financial recently issued a press release announcing its’ “relief for attorney’s legal funding pain points”.

Lawsuit Financial’s experienced staff of attorneys and paralegals understand that attorneys dislike the litigation financing paperwork requirements; that is why we have implemented streamlined paperwork requirements. We understand attorneys’ concerns that increases in pre settlement funding profits could impede the settlement process; that is why we have implemented our capped lawsuit funding policy. We also understand personal injury clients (since we represented similarly situated clients for almost 25 years) and the important fact that prompt and fair legal funding service will prevent them from constantly pressing their attorneys for money or for early resolution of their case; that is why we have implemented a 24 hour case funding underwriting policy. We are also the only legal finance company who has announced a policy of fast and fair negoitation of lawsuit financing profits when case results fall short of the amount predicted at the time our litigation funding was placed.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation provides, streamline processed, 24 hour, capped (and potentially negotiated) personal injury litigation funding including, but not limited to Auto Accident cases, Premises Liability cases, Medical Malpractice cases and many other types of personal injury cases. Contact us on the web at or call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848). The call and the advice are absolutely free. We specialize in assisting “David” in beating “Goliath”.