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Lawsuit Financial CEO Writes Plaintiff Magazine Article: Seven Considerations When Your Client Needs Cash “Now”

Lawsuit Financial is pleased to announce the publication of the article Seven Considerations When Your Client Needs Cash “Now” appearing in the August edition of Plaintiff Magazine . This informative and thoughtful article about strategic and appropriate uses of legal funding was written by Lawsuit Financial’s own CEO, trial lawyer and legal finance specialist,Mark M. Bello.

Entering into a law suit funding transaction is serious business. Since the typical legal funding transaction is non-recourse (contingent upon recovery in the lawsuit that litigation funding is sought against), the legal advance is free is you lose your case. If you win the case, however, you are giving up a portion of your proceeds in exchange for cash now. Obviously, the portion you are “selling” is potentially larger than the amount of money you are receiving from the legal finance company. The lawsuit financing company is investing in the possibility that your litigation will do well. If it does, the legal financial company makes a profit; if it doesn’t, the lawsuit funding company could lose all or a portion of its case funding investment.

Since this is a serious transaction, it should not be entered into casually. An attorney should be advising a client during the underwriting process and the litigation funding professional should be very experienced in evaluating and placing this type of transaction. There are many different companies out there that call themselves legal funding, litigation funding, lawsuit financing, lawsuit finance, lawsuit funding or some version of these names for our industry. Be very careful that you deal with a company whose principals have extensive legal and legal funding experience. Lawsuit Financial, for example, is operated by one of the most experienced legal finance specialists in the industry. Mark M. Bello has 31 years experience as a trial lawyer and 10 years as an underwriter and manager of litigation finance transactions. It is difficult to find anyone else in this business with that level of experience. Call Mark, talk to him or his talented and experienced staff. Get the best advice in the lawsuit financing industry and proceed with the confidence that Lawsuit Financial stands ready, willing and able to assist you through a difficult time in your life. Following the “seven considerations” should help you in making a decision as to whether legal funding is right for you and your situation.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation provides, streamline processed, 24 hour, capped (and potentially negotiated) personal injury litigation funding including, but not limited to Auto Accident cases, Premises Liability cases, Medical Malpractice cases and many other types of personal injury cases. The call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) is absolutely free and totally confidential. The advice is priceless.

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