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Lawsuit Financial Brings Holiday Cheer to Cash-Strapped Plaintiffs

Insurance companies are very wealthy and have the financial resources to litigate a case to the very end. They will oftentimes intentionally deny, delay, and defend cases from settling in hopes the plaintiff will settle for less than fair compensation because of financial constraints. And, in today’s economy, it’s no secret that many people are strapped for cash. Because they need money right now, they are willing to forego a potentially larger settlement in order to have immediate cash.

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of someone else’s negligence, paying the bills may be even tougher, especially with the holidays approaching. For plaintiffs in the midst of litigation, lawsuit funding can be a welcomed savior.

Lawsuit Financial, a pro-justice litigation funding company, is a leader in the lawsuit funding industry. We believe being forced to settle for less compensation because you are in a financial bind is not seeking justice and could result in losing thousands or even millions of dollars of fair compensation.

Lawsuit funding can dramatically change the outcome of a plaintiff’s settlement because litigation funding levels the playing field. The plaintiff is more financially stable to allow his/her attorney time to negotiate fair compensation. Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse “lawsuit loan” meaning the plaintiff only repays the cash advance if, and when, he/she wins their case. If you lose your lawsuit case, you owe nothing to the lawsuit funding company that provided you the cash advance. Therefore, lawsuit funding can be a great risk free option for plaintiffs who can’t afford to hold out long enough for a fair settlement offer. There are no upfront fees or monthly payments with Lawsuit Financial and we offer a quick turnaround time; 24 – 48 hours.

If you are not in the financial position to wait years before compensation is paid, but are worried how to survive this holiday season, lawsuit funding could be a viable option and it can make a difference in your financial staying power. So, don’t let the holidays add more stress to you already difficult times. Call or visit us online for a free, no-obligation consultation. Lawsuit Financial is here to assist you this holiday season.

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