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Lawsuit Financial Attorney Referral Program

If you have not retained an attorney to handle your case, Lawsuit Financial can assist you in finding the best attorney available in all 50 states. Attorney Ads are everywhere; your friends have a great attorney to refer you to, but how do you really know? A referral from a company with national legal contacts in all fields of practice makes more sense, doesn’t it? Lawsuit Financial will review your case for free and we will find you the best attorney in your city or state to handle your type of case, period! We have strong relationships with the best attorneys in the country.

Our 24 Hour Legal Referral Service is Absolutely Free! Within 24 hours, we will have at least one, most likely three top notch attorneys for you to choose from and, get this, it won’t cost you a dime! Our legal referral service is absolutely free!

We can assist you with all types of cases, including:

All Personal Injury, including:

•Automobile/Truck Crashes
•Construction/Industrial Accidents
•All Personal Injury Cases
•Workers’ Compensation
•Wrongful Death
•Medical Malpractice
•Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse
•Premises Liability/Slip & Fall
•Traumatic Brain Injury/Closed Head
•Products Liability/Toxic Tort
•Airplane/Railroad Crashes

And All Business and Commercial, including:

•Contract Breach/Construction Disputes
•Patent, Copyright and Trademark Infringement
•Tortious Interference
•Fraud /Shareholders Lawsuits
•Real Estate
•Antitrust Litigation

As well as other types of cases:

•Probate, Estate and Inheritance

Do You Need an Attorney to Handle Your Case? Of course you do! Plaintiffs represented by counsel will, absolutely, get more money in their lawsuit, especially in accident cases. Here’s why:

•Insurance companies have money, power and time; you have none of those things. A great attorney evens the odds and balances the power.

•An attorney knows how to assemble a case, compile evidence, find witnesses. He knows all the players and all the judges. This knowledge is essential to your success.

•An attorney knows how the game is played and all the rules. He will not be lied to; he will not be intimidated. He will not allow an insurance company to take advantage of you which can often happen to those who represent themselves.

•An attorney will get the highest possible award.

•An attorney will recommend medical providers sympathetic to your cause, clinics who can assist you in completing insurance forms and getting insurance companies to pay them, or finding you doctors who will wait until a settlement for payment of medical bills.

So, if you are not yet represented by an attorney, take advantage of our considerable experience in locating the finest attorneys, anywhere in the United States. Call Lawsuit Financial, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit the referral page of our website, today. Or, here is a contact form for you to submit the requested information.

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