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Lawsuit Finance Candidate: Fatal Airplane Crash Lawsuit Results in Seven Figure Plaintiff Verdict Six Years After Crash

Robert Young was returning home from a hunting trip in Arkansas, in January of 2002, when he was killed in an airplane crash. The airplane crash lawsuit his family filed in West Caroll Parish has been completed, over six years after the accident, with a jury verdict of $4 million. The jury, after a one-week trial, ordered the Beechcraft Baron twin engine plane’s engine manufacturer, Teledyne Continental Motors, to pay the award to the survivors of the deceased. It is one of the largest civil verdicts in West Carroll Parish history.

Mr. Young’s family claimed that a faulty engine, manufactured by Teledyne, caused the fatal crash. Young was 57 years old, the owner of an electric company, and an active member of the community. He was the sole occupant of the aircraft. Louisiana attorneys Daniel Barks, Richard Fewell Jr. and Dion Young represented Young’s family in the wrongful death lawsuit.

This case underscores the need for and power of lawsuit financing in serious injury and wrongful death litigation. This case took six years for a verdict to be rendered. It is unknown whether the jury verdict will be paid or appealed; even if the verdict is paid, six years is a long time to wait for compensation for the loss of the person principally responsible for a family’s support. Airplane crash lawsuit funding is available to families like the Youngs, who, because of corporate negligence, lose that financially supportive loved one.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is often used to pay mortgage payments, car payments, groceries, rent, tuition and other necessary expenses caused by death or serious injury. Pre-settlement funding is also an important litigation tool for the lawyer and his/her client, because the legal system can often work slowly, as it did here, and insurance companies and well-funded manufacturers take full advantage of these delays, trying to slow down the process and persuade plaintiffs to take pennies on the dollar. A well-placed non-recourse cash advance will often prevent the plaintiff from being forced to settle early and cheap.

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