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Lawsuit Alleges Kaiser Failed to Provide Timely Healthcare Because it was the Weekend

Last November, a man filed a $5 million lawsuit against Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc., alleging that he almost died when lab results revealed a “significant infection” in his spine, but he was not treated or even notified because it was “the weekend.” The suit claims spinal infection resulted in quadriplegia and left him permanently and completely disability. A $1 million lawsuit was filed by Wright’s wife Linda for loss of consortium.

According to the claim, Johnny Wright was diagnosed with “a wrist strain, back strain and inflammatory arthritis,” at Doctor’s Community Hospital in December 2010. Wright said he called a Kaiser nurse the next morning because he was getting no relief from the pain medications prescribed. At her suggestion, Wright went to a Kaiser facility where Dr. Shameem ordered an x-ray, blood count, and an injection of Toradol, then prescribed Oxycodone and Prednisone and sent him home. Wright said the blood count results reported that afternoon, indicated that he was suffering from a “significant infection,” but because it was the weekend, no effort was made to notify him of the lab results or to provide treatment. The suit alleges that Wright’s wife notified the advice nurse twice over the weekend reporting that her husband’s condition was deteriorating; he was lethargic, had a fever, and was suffering from severe arm and neck pain. She claims that one ever mentioned the lab results, and was told her husband should continue with the prescribed treatment.

On Sunday, Mr. Wright fainted and taken to a non-Kaiser hospital, but was transferred to Holy Cross Hospital the next morning, as requested by Kaiser Permanente. According to Mr. Wright, while under the care of Dr. Friesinger at Holy Cross he had “an apparent arrest,” and a code blue was called, and he was hemorrhaging from an ulcer caused by pain medications, including those ordered by Dr. Shameem.

A week after he was originally diagnosed at Doctor’s Community Hospital, Mr. Wright developed a high fever, fluid retention in his spine, and pain that required morphine. After he had undergone a series of tests, a radiologist noted difficulty reading his MRI and recommended repeating the test under sedation. According to the claim, the MRI was not repeated. Two days later, he was unable to move his lower extremities and had weak movement of his upper extremities. A repeated MRI revealed a progressive spinal infection as well as compression of the spinal cord causing permanent neurological injuries.

This is not the first time Kaiser has faced a lawsuit resulting from patient claims that they were harmed by Kaiser’s negligence in providing timely access to health services. In October, Kaiser was hit with a $4 million fine by the state Department of Managed Health Care for having “serious deficiencies,” including lack of information for patients with mental illness and failing to ensure those patients were properly monitored.

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