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Lawsuit Alleges Delayed Diagnosis Led to Hemorrhagic Stroke

There are far too many situations where medical negligence on the part of a healthcare professional causes harm to the patient. When this happens the injured person can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for his/her loss. Unfortunately waiting for a settlement can take months or years. During this time, the plaintiff may run out of cash, but that doesn’t mean the bills stop coming in. For those who simply cannot endure a long litigation process seeking lawsuit funding is a viable option.

A Putnam County, West Virginia woman filed a lawsuit alleging that her doctor misdiagnosed stroke symptoms, leaving her with paralysis and brain damage. According to the complaint, the plaintiff sought treatment from Dr. Christopher Bowman on May 9, 2014 due to headaches and nausea. Dr. Bowman allegedly told the plaintiff, who has a history of hypertension, that she was suffering from a virus and that she would feel better soon. The lawsuit claims that when the woman started feeling dizzy, she texted Bowman who allegedly said, again, that he was not concerned and still insisted she would feel better in a few days. However, after suffering weakness to her right side, the plaintiff went to the emergency room of CAMC Teays Valley Hospital where she was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke. As a result of her illness, the plaintiff claims she suffered right-sided paralysis, speech and language impairment, and cognitive defects, some of which may be permanent.

The lawsuit names Dr. Bowman and his employer, Dunbar Medical Associates PLLC, as defendants in the medical malpractice case. The plaintiff seeks a jury trial and an undisclosed amount in damages.

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can hold the wrongdoer(s) accountable, but hospitals and other healthcare institutions often have abundant resources, and can pressure plaintiffs to accept a low settlement by prolonging the litigation process. A better option is to secure a lawsuit cash advance.

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