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Lawsuit Against Nursing Home Alleges Inadequate Care Caused Death

Nursing homes have a legal responsibility to provide a specific standard of care to their patients. Staff workers and caregivers must be available to assist residents with a variety of needs such as getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom, or eating. Generally, nursing homes provide sufficient care to patients. However, when that duty is violated and serious injury or death occurs, family members have the right to pursue a lawsuit. When justice extends beyond one’s financial position, lawsuit funding can help.

A second wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed against a Marysville, Washington nursing home alleging inadequate care that lead to death. The lawsuit alleges that the nursing home was negligent and did not provide adequate care, including insufficient nutrition and fluids.

In December 2012, the 85-year-old man was admitted to the nursing home. Shortly thereafter, he became dehydrated and malnourished, and his diabetic symptoms and high blood pressure worsened, according to the lawsuit. He also lost his ability to move without help. The suit alleges that due to staff negligence, the patient suffered bed sores and MRSA. He also suffered a fractured vertebrae from falling trying to reach the bathroom, after calls for assistance when unanswered. A once active and independent man, he never fully recovered from a procedure to fix the vertebral fracture. He died Feb. 21, 2013.

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