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Lawsuit Financial Provides a Helping Hand to Auto Accident Victims

Thousands of people are injured or killed because someone ran a red light. In fact, it is the leading cause of urban accidents.

A woman died in a southwest Omaha car crash last week after the driver of a Nissan Maxima ran a red light and was struck by a Silverado. The deceased woman was a passenger in the Nissan. The negligent driver suffered a head injury, broken leg, broken ribs, fractured pelvis and other injuries; she is expected to recover. Neither the driver nor the passenger was wearing a seat belt. The driver of the Silverado refused medical attention; he was wearing a seatbelt.

The negligent driver can, and should be, held accountable. An experienced auto accident attorney can help protect your rights and present an effective case. Without a strong advocate, you may not receive the compensation you deserve.

Even with the help of an experienced attorney, auto accident lawsuits can drag on longer than the plaintiff can financially withstand. The insurance company for the negligent driver will most likely deny fault; insurance companies fight hard to keep their money. Delays cause some victims to accept a less-than-favorable settlement just to pay outstanding bills. That is what the insurance company hopes will happen.

Lawsuit Financial understands that medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses can put plaintiffs in a tough financial situation until a settlement is reached. Sometimes plaintiffs will even face foreclosure or bankruptcy. We can help with a risk-free, lawsuit cash advance.

A lawsuit cash advance, known as lawsuit funding, is for victims unable to support themselves without a cash settlement. It is a short-term “lawsuit loan” between the time the lawsuit is filed and the case is settled. The difference from a bank loan is that with lawsuit funding there are no upfront fees, monthly payments, credit checks, or employment verification. Funding is providing strictly on case strength and repayment is only made once the case successfully settles. If the case is lost, repayment of the cash advance is completely waived.

To get started, simply complete an online application or call our office to speak to one of our funding specialists. Next, we will contact your attorney for case documentation in order to make a funding decision. If approved, your lawsuit cash advance can be available within 24 – 48 hours. The money comes with no restrictions; you can use it for whatever you wish, but we recommend that it be used towards necessary expenses such as the mortgage/rent, medical bills, funeral expenses, and daily household needs.

Lawsuit funding is not for everyone, but it may be the helping hand you need, at a time when you need it most. Call Lawsuit Financial at 1-877-377-7848.