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Lawsuit Alleges Medical Negligence Caused Child To Be Born with Permanent Brain Damage

A medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that two physicians were negligent for failing to recognize fetal distress while their son was in his mother’s womb.

According to the suit, the woman was 37 weeks pregnant when she sought care in September 2012, complaining of decreased fetal movement, dizziness, nausea and back pain. During a phone conversation, an obstetrician advised office staff, but did not evaluate the mother-to-be in person. The next morning, the woman returned to the office with the same symptoms. This time she was seen by a different obstetrician. An ultrasound and other tests showed a decreased heart rate — a clear sign that the fetus was in distress. Yet, doctors failed to immediately take action and order a caesarean section. By the time the baby was delivered, he had suffered oxygen deprivation, leading to brain damage that left him permanently disabled. He, then, suffered further injury after hospital staff improperly adjusted his ventilator, causing low carbon dioxide in his blood for several days. As a result, the child suffered a catastrophic brain injury that left him unable to talk, walk or feed himself.

In addition to the physicians, the lawsuit names two hospitals and several of the health system’s related entities as defendants.

Compensation will not make the child well; nothing can do that, but the cost of caring for a severely disabled child should be borne by those who caused that disability, not by the innocent victims. Compensation will assure that the little boy’s care needs are covered and that he will receive the best care possible under the circumstances.

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