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Jury Reaches $177 Million Verdict in 2008 Helicopter Accident; Appeal Anticipated

An Oregon jury ruled that an engine problem caused a 2008 helicopter accident that killed nine firefighters during a wildfire in Northern California. The chopper was airborne less than a minute when it clipped a tree and fell from the sky, bursting into flames.

The jury reached its verdict after a pilot who survived the accident and a widow who lost her husband filed a $177 million suit against General Electric. The lawsuits alleged that GE knew for at least six years that there was a problem with a fuel control valve on the engine. GE argued that the helicopter crashed because it was carrying too much weight after picking up the firefighters. Although the National Transportation Safety Board concluded in 2010 that too much weight and a lack of oversight caused the crash, the jury placed 57% of the blame on GE, but also found the helicopter’s owner and its manufacturer partially at fault. GE plans to appeal.

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