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Jury Award for Permanently Disabled Man after 2008 Auto Accident

In December 2008, an 18-year-old driver of a Chevy Caprice was seriously injured when his vehicle collided with a Waterloo police officer. The officer and two passengers in the teen’s vehicle escaped with minor injuries. The teen driver was left paralyzed.

The paralyzed man filed a lawsuit against the police officer and City of Waterloo alleging that the police officer caused the accident when he ran a red light without using his lights and sirens. This week, a jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff. Although he was found 25% at fault, the City will pay $10.2 for past and future medical expenses.

This young man has been completely paralyzed for over four years, sleeping in a hospital bed in the living room of his home. Winning his case was no simple process; the defendant most likely argued that the accident was caused because the teen was driving under the influence. The jury recognized the teen was partially at fault however, the plaintiff’s attorney showed enough proff that police officer was negligent when he chose to respond to a call without his lights and siren on. He was also speeding through the intersection at the time of the accident.

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