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Jury Awards $8 Million in 2010 DUI Crash

A jury recently awarded $8 million to a Daytona Beach woman who sustained serious injuries in a 2010 drunk driving crash, according to court records.

On the night of the crash, the negligent driver was returning from drinking at a bar in Daytona Beach. According to his passenger, the driver was speeding at the time, probably traveling near 100 mph, when he slammed into the rear end of the victim’s car. When police arrived at the scene, the passenger said the driver was wasted. A blood test indicated that the negligent driver had 0.153 blood alcohol content, nearly twice the legal limit. He was not injured in the crash; his passenger suffered a broken arm.

The plaintiff, on the other hand, sustained extensive injuries, including several disc herniations, requiring her to undergo surgical procedures. She has had to endure a lumbar decompression procedure, after exhausting other more conservative medical measures. She is also in need of a cervical surgical procedure. The woman said she lives in pain every day. The total past medical bills at the time of trial were approximately $188,000.

Although this case has settled, the plaintiff may still be forced to wait even longer for the full payout of the award. Large verdicts such as this one are often altered on appeal. An appeal means the plaintiff will wait even longer to receive a settlement.

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