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It May be an “Accident”, But it is Still a Wrongul Death

Last year, 71 year old Mavis Stonick was hit by a car and killed, while crossing an Evanston, Illinois road, last year. The subsequent autopsy showed that her death had been caused by multiple internal injuries resulting from the vehicle impact. The death was ruled an accident by the police and the Coroner. The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit brought by Julian Stonick, special administrator of Mavis’s estate.

The battle lines in this case are sharply drawn. The driver of the vehicle, Judy Lowrence, and other witnesses state that Mavis was walking against the traffic light. However, witnesses also state that it was dark and raining; the roads would have been slick. Although Lowrence satisfied the police that she was traveling at posted speeds, others say that she was traveling too fast for the road conditions and not paying attention to pedestrians. No one could say for sure if the driver was on a cell phone or texting, or doing something else at the time of the impact.

To prove that this was a case of wrongful death, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant driver was careless and/or negligent; only time will tell whether or not the lawsuit is settled or resolved in favor of the plaintiff. In cases like this, plaintiffs, like Julian Stonick, are often faced with a myriad of bills relating to the death, funeral expenses, taxes, bill settlements and other expenses related not only to a loved one’s death, but to ongoing maintenance of the estate. If the deceased is the family bread winner, the financial situation is even worse. The Stonick family will have to pull together to try and make ends meet while they wait for a fair and equitable settlement.

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