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Investigators Report Nine Prior Safety Violations by Subcontractor of Vikings Stadium Fatality

Although an investigation is ongoing at the new stadium site for the Minnesota Vikings’ where one construction worker lost his life, and injured another, records showed that the subcontractor involved had received nine citations for serious safety violations at its worksites in the past five years, including failure to use safety harnesses on elevated worksites.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said the two workers were installing a solid roof when they fell and slid down the roof. One of the workers struck a post and was stopped, but injured. The other broke through a guard rail and fell 50 feet onto an elevated platform below. He died from his injuries. Both men w for were employed by the subcontractor, Berwald Roofing and Sheet Metal Company.

Investigators are still determining whether the men were wearing harnesses or other safety gear at the time. An owner of Berwald, said “the company stresses safety, but can’t always control its workers’ actions, including failing to hook up their harnesses.” It is currently unknown whether the victim was wearing a safety lanyard. Berwald has a $3.4 million contract to work on the stadium. Mortenson Construction, the general contractor is overseeing the $1 billion-plus project that consist of approximately 1,200 workers.

Based on their history of safety violations, it appears that Berwald was putting corporate profits over the safety of its employees. Was the company rushing to meet deadlines without concern for its employees? Did they have proper training procedures in place? What about Mortenson who should be overseeing the project? While waiting for the investigation to conclude, victims may file a lawsuit against the general contractor, sub-contractor, or others involved. Once a lawsuit is filed, if the plaintiffs have no life insurance, savings, or other funding sources, until the case settles, they may be interested in applying for a lawsuit cash advance.

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