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Investigation Determined Safety Features Disabled In Vehicle That Rolled Over Lakeside, CA Girl

On Feb. 22, 10-year-old Kiera Larson was playing with two young toddlers when a 1999 Mercedes SUV that was parked on a sloping driveway started rolling down a hill towards them. Kiera pushed the toddlers out of the path of the vehicle, but the car struck her and pushed her through a fence. She died from her injuries in a California hospital.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) determined that two disabled safety features may account for the accident. First, the shift interrupter or interlock, which prevents someone from shifting out of park unless the foot is on the brake, was “broken or disabled or disconnected,” Secondly, a cable running from the brake pedal to the ignition had been disconnected. Investigators are still working to determine who is responsible for disabling the features.

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