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Intoxicated Driver Gets Five Years While Victim is Paralyzed for Life

Two years ago, a young woman was drunk when she entered an intersection of a one-way street, driving the wrong way. It was later determined that she was also under the influence of opiates and oxycodone at the time of the accident. Because of her negligence, a 42-year-old husband and father of two young children is suffering from a traumatic brain injury and permanent disabilities. He has also been diagnosed with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In court, the victim recounts the events following that day he was thrown from his motorcycle, 30 feet in the air before being stopped by a tree. His life changed in an instant; he felt he was living a bad dream.

“I learned how I was struck by a car and flew 30 feet in the air and got stopped by a tree. I was told my head ended up in the gutter. When I regained consciousness in the hospital, I also learned that the person who drove into me was intoxicated.” He said that a woman who held him until the medics arrived heard the intoxicated driver say to a passenger in her car: “There’s nothing I can do, let’s get the (expletive) out of here” and ran off.

He listed his injuries: “The right half of my ribs were fractured, skull, compound femur, hip, knee and my foot needed reconstruction and the foot’s skin came off, and oh yeah, I lost a toe.”
“I’m immobilized now,” he said. “I have to learn to walk, use my dominant arm and I have a traumatic brain injury. Normality is a thing of the past. I am now handicapped for life. I can’t work, nor get a job. At the age of 42, when I was convinced that I could be providing for my family, I now depend on everyone to achieve almost everything.”

The 24-year-old woman admitted to drinking earlier that day. She was convicted of second-degree assault with a motor vehicle, driving the wrong way on a one-way street, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and evading responsibility. While she is serving 5 years in jail, in addition to the life-long physical pain, the victim and his family are currently over $2 million in debt because of this incident. Is that justice?

Through a personal injury lawsuit, the victim can seek to recover financial compensation. But, simply winning the case doesn’t necessarily guarantee receiving the financial benefits. Unfortunately, there are some cases, such as this one, where the defendant cannot afford to pay. She has no income and no savings. There was no mention whether she had insurance coverage and is so, was it adequate.

This should not prevent the victim from filing a claim despite its complexity. An experienced attorney will review the situation and determine the best way to obtain compensation for the damages. Stressful times like this can often lead a plaintiff to make a quick settlement – believing that is all he/she can get from the defendant or simply to just start paying the mounting bills. This is where lawsuit funding can help victims regain control of their lives and their finances. While waiting to obtain justice, a lawsuit cash advance would help the plaintiff pay those outstanding debts. This is a risk-free form of financing based on the successful outcome of a personal injury lawsuit. There are no upfront fees or monthly payments, and the cash advance is only repaid if, and when the case successfully settles. It is easy to apply for a lawsuit cash advance either online or by phone. If approved, funds can often be place in an applicant’s hands in as little as 24 hours.

If you have been in a drunk driving auto accident and experiencing financial hardship, contact Lawsuit Financial for a “staying power” advantage and to fight for the compensation you deserve. Whether the family files a personal injury lawsuit or not, Lawsuit Financial hopes that something positive will result from this terrible tragedy. We hope that it will serve notice to drivers about the dangers of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. This case is also a good reminder to protect you and your family against the financial consequences of an auto accident with an uninsured/under-insured driver by carrying such coverage on your own auto insurance policy. Unde-rinsured motorist coverage compensates you and your family when you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have adequate insurance coverage for the injuries, and you carry insurance with higher policy limits. When that happens, your insurance company will pay the difference between the other driver’s insurance coverage and your under-insured policy limits. Contact your insurance agent for more information.