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Intoxicated Driver Claims Life of Constable’s Daughter

All too often someone can destroy the lives of others when he/she chooses to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. On May 1, the irresponsible actions of one man claimed the life of a young woman.

The impaired driver of a 2008 Dodge pick-up truck rear-ended the woman’s 2008 Nissan. The driver of the Nissan was pinned in her vehicle; the fire department had to use the Jaws-of-Life to rescue her. Unfortunately, she died shortly after reaching the hospital.

The family of this young woman will likely may want to pursue a wrongful death claim in hopes of receiving compensation for funeral costs, medical expenses, emotional damages and other related losses. Due to the nature of a drunk driver accident, it is important that they contact an attorney to help preserve their legal rights and help them recover full compensation. While discussing the case with an attorney, they might also want to ask about lawsuit funding.

When they apply for a lawsuit cash advance, they only need to provide case details to the litigation funding company. Once approved, they receive their pre-settlement funding within 24-48 hours. They won’t have to pay upfront fees or make monthly payments, and once the lawsuit cash advance arrives, they may use it to pay for medical bills, funeral expenses, tuition, or other outstanding bills. The best thing about lawsuit financing is that it removes the financial desperation to accept any nonsense offers from the greedy insurance company, which deliberately drags the proceeding down to cause financial pain. Lawsuit funding is a strategic tool used by many plaintiffs who have lost a loved one due to an auto accident and need financial assistance while waiting fair compensation and justice.

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