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Intersection Accident Takes The Life of Elderly Woman

An auto accident took the life of Rockford, IL last Friday when her vehicle was hit by a pick-up truck. The accident is still under investigation, but preliminary reports show that the drive of the pick-up failed to yield at a stop sign colliding with the woman’s Chevy Cavalier. The driver of the pick-up was treated for injuries and released; the Cavalier driver was pronounced dead at the hospital. Both drivers were wearing their safety belts, and airbags deployed in both vehicles, officials said.

Intersections can be very dangerous with vehicles turning, drivers changing lanes, pedestrians crossing and stopping at stoplights. Each factor increases the risk driver negligence and a subsequent auto accident. Liability can be difficult to determine; every case is unique, but most intersection accidents are due to human errors such as inattentive driving, drunk driving, reckless behavior, texting and other driver negligence. In these cases liability falls onto the driver who caused the accident.

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