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Informed Decisions Come From Knowing the Facts

Facts You Know After an Auto Accident
•You were injured and are unable to work.
•Your attorney has been diligently working to settle your case for the compensation you deserve.
•You are facing foreclosure.
•The medical bills keep coming in.
•You can barely putting food on the table.
•You have depleted your savings and the bank refuses to give you a loan.
•Your case may not settle for at least six months.

A personal injury plaintiff struggling to pay the bills while waiting for his/her lawsuit to wind through the courts is nothing new. Even when a case successfully settles, a plaintiff may continue to wait for compensation, especially during an appeal process. But, what can s/he do to avoid a less-than-favorable settlement?

Facts You May Not Know After Filing an Auto Accident Lawsuit
•You may qualify for auto accident lawsuit funding.
•There is no application fee.
•You don’t need good credit or a job to be approved.
•If approved, you could pay your bills within 24 – 48 hours.
•There are no monthly payments; you only pay once the case settles.
•If you lose your case, you pay nothing.

Strategic and timely placed lawsuit funding may be the only way to stay financially afloat. If you are in a financial bind and need fast cash while waiting for your case to wind through the courts, complete our online application. Once you apply, we will contact your attorney for case documentation. Our underwriters will review the strength of your case, and if approved, draft a contract for execution. When the contract is fully executed, we can wire the funds directly into your account. Funding can be used at your discretion, but is typically used to pay the mortgage, rent, tuition, medical bills, and daily household expenses. It is important to note that lawsuit funding is provided on a non-recourse basis, meaning that if you lose your case, you have no obligation to repay the cash advance.

Now that you have the facts, if you need financial support during your pending lawsuit, click here or call Lawsuit Financial toll-free at 877-377-7848.

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