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Inflatable Slide Nearly Kills Young Boy at Playground

I A six year old boy was almost suffocated by an inflatable slide at his school carnival. When the young boy tried to enter the slide where two sections come together instead of at the entry way he became wedged between the two pieces.

Apparently, someone advised a slide attendant that there was a child stuck between two pieces of the slide. The attendant checked the area and found the that the boy was wedged in between and not breathing. Fortunately, two sheriff’s deputies happened to be on the scene at the time; they performed CPR and the boy was rushed to hospital for treatment. It was sheer luck that the young boy was found as quickly as he was and that these two heroes were in attendance.

Depending upon his condition, the parents of this young boy may want to discuss this accident case with a personal injury lawyer to find out what their rights are in this case. In situations like this, there is always a concern about lack of oxygen to the child’s brain and whether or not he may sustain brain damage; it is unknown whether that is an issue in this case. As to potential liability, the issues of whether this is simply a dangerous product or whether the slide was improperly set up and/or monitored will be the feature issues in any potential litigation.

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