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Indian Couple Wins $36.4 Million Record Lawsuit but an Appeal Appears Imminent

An Indian couple visiting the U.S. was in a serious auto accident with a big rig truck. The accident occurred when the driver of the big-rig attempted to pass a Toyota Camry in which the couple was a passenger, but struck the vehicle spinning it out of control and into the median before striking another vehicle. The Camry then went back across all three freeway lanes and over the freeway shoulder, coming to a rest on the edge. The female passenger suffered spinal cord injuries and is completely paralyzed despite two emergency surgeries. She requires 24-hour attendant care. Her husband suffered injuries and has damages resulting from the limitations now faced by his wife.

A jury awarded the couple $36.4 million stemming from the March 2010 auto accident despite arguments from the defense trying to place blame on the driver of the Camry. The trucking company also argued that compensation should be reduced because the victim can seek care and treatment for her injuries in India where medical costs are lower.

Despite the award, the couple may not receive compensation for some time; the defendant plans to ask for a new trial. During this time, expenses will keep coming and while this couple waits for their case to go through the appeal process, their bills and expenses will still need to be paid. How can this couple withstand the financial hardship that will come with further delays? The answer: litigation funding.

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