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Inattentive 18-Wheeler Driver Causes Multiple Chain Reaction Crash

Big rigs are subject to obeying the rules of the road; considering their enormous size and power when compared with an automobile, it could be argued that their duty of care may be greater than that of an automobile driver. In this case, a trucker didn’t have enough common sense to drive safely; as proof, he was cited with reckless driving for causing a multi-vehicle 18-wheeler-automobile accident. The case is somewhat unusual; the crash involved six tractor trailer units. It happened in Virginia on I-77, and involved eight vehicles in total. Wreckage cleanup took hours.

Big rig driver, Mark Tulio Carta Jena, was not paying attention to what he was doing and where he was going; he didn’t notice that traffic along I-77 had been backed up due to another crash. The first crash had caused a multiple vehicle pileup and had occurred when another big rig jackknifed because the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. A surprised Jena drove his rig into another tractor trailer which leaped forward and contacted a tanker truck, which hit several other semi trucks.

So, in what may be described as a comedy of stupidity, two inattentive truck drivers caused a massive multi-vehicle accident that closed the highway down for hours, while cleanup crews hauled away the debris. Luckily there were not multiple reports of serious injury in this fiasco. Still, serious injury did occur.

EMS crews managed to pry Jena out of the truck and get him to hospital for emergency medical treatment. His legs were pinned by the dashboard; although, his wounds were not life-threatening. Another injured individual may have sustained a traumatic brain injury; only time and further medical assessment will be able to verify the seriousness and complexity of the injury. The police charged Jena with reckless driving.

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