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Imagine Obtaining Immediate Financial Relief for Your Lawsuit

Plaintiffs no longer have to wait years for their case to settle or resolve before realizing the compensation deserved. With lawsuit funding, plaintiffs can get a cash advance while the lawsuit is still pending.

A couple has been awarded $50 million in a 2009 wrongful birth lawsuit after alleging doctors failed to inform them their child had a 50/50 chance of a genetic defect. Their son, now five-years-old, cannot walk, is unable to speak intelligibly, and has an IQ of less than 70; he requires round-the-clock care.

The lawsuit named Valley Medical Center and Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) as defendants after their son was born with unbalanced chromosome disorder, despite a genetic test which revealed that he did not have the rare disease. The couple said if they had been informed that the child had the condition, they would have terminated the pregnancy. The suit claimed that the Valley Medical took a blood sample and sent it to LabCorp for testing, but the hospital failed to provide instructions as to where the lab should look for the chromosomal defect, and the lab’s employees failed to ask the hospital for the crucial information. As a result, the test came back negative for the disorder. The couple’s attorney also argued that Valley Medical was understaffed, and no genetic counselor was available at the time of the mother’s appointment. The jury held Valley Medical and LabCorp equally responsible; the settlement is the largest individual damages award in the state’s history.

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