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“Hurricane Sandy” Victims Face Insurance Companies That Won’t Do the Right Thing

Carrying adequate insurance coverage can provide peace of mind by ensuring that you have a safety net if you are ever injured or suffer a loss. We rely on insurance; we assume it will be there when we need it.

What if you are a victim of “Hurricane Sandy”? Many New Yorkers have weathered the storm, but can you “weather” the insurance company’s deny and delay tactics? It is rare for strong hurricanes to hit this region, therefore only a small percentage of homeowners have an addendum on their insurance policy for such property damage. For those that had hurricane insurance, the policy covers damage from wind, but it does not cover damage from flooding due to storm surge. Was the damage caused by wind or storm? Which came first?

Insurance companies are denying claims stating that the property damage by a hurricane is not covered, yet the National Weather Service declared “Sandy” a tropical storm an hour before it hit land. Sadly, this is how most carriers handle their insurance claims; continuously taking your money in premiums and refusing to pay it out in benefits.

Hurricane Katrina victims, who lost everything they held dear, were forced to litigate claims in a legal system that insurance companies knew would take years before they would be forced to compensate desperate victims. Fortunately, most victims consulted experienced attorneys who filed and won “bad faith” lawsuits against these greedy insurance companies. It looks like “Hurricane Sandy” victims will have to do the same.

It takes a lawsuit for insurance companies to do the right thing. Without holding the insurance companies accountable, these greedy carriers would continue to put profits over its obligations to its policyholder obligations. Corporate greed causes plaintiffs to fight for their rights through a lengthy litigation and a system of clogged court dockets. The threat of a lawsuit is still the most important tool an American citizen has to fight for justice. Unfortunately, insurance companies will always deny or delay fair compensation, hoping a client will become financially desperate and settle for less than fair compensation. That is why lawsuit funding companies came into existence. Clients, with pending personal injury lawsuits, would never need lawsuit funding if the insurance companies always paid claims in a fair and timely manner rather than engaging in “delay, deny, confuse, refuse” tactics.

Lawsuit Financial
stands ready to assist you in your fight for justice. We can assist you with a non-recourse cash advance, collateralized only by your pending lawsuit. The goal of lawsuit financing is to get the plaintiff through the lengthy litigation without having pressing bills and expenses effect the value of their case. Someone desperate for money will, almost always, settle his/her case for less than appropriate value. Strategic lawsuit financing will often prevent this from happening and pay for itself with increased case proceeds. Don’t be afraid to stand up to the insurance companies and stand up for your rights, no matter how long it takes.