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Human Error on Cruise Ship Results in Multiple Injuires

The Princess Cruise Lines were in legal hot water the minute human error caused its Crown Princess cruise ship to abruptly tilt 15 degrees to the left. The aftermath looked like a disaster movie set: furniture and other debris were rocketed across the ship’s decks; 240 or the 3,100 passengers on board were badly hurt. They sustained everything from serious bruising to bone fractures. Other passengers have experienced post traumatic stress disorder, nightmares and anxiety.

As indicated, the abrupt tilt was the result of human error; a crew member over-corrected in the wrong direction when he misread the automatic pilot gauge indicator. The company has taken full responsibility for the accident; it is likely that there will be a number of personal injury claims and/or lawsuits filed on behalf of injured passengers. While some of the claims may not involve catastrophic injuries, it appears that many of them may deal with severe injuries that have altered the lives of those hurt.

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