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Huge New Jersey Mesothelioma Verdict Upheld

New Jersey has a long history of asbestos litigation; this case is adds to that significant history. The New Jersey Court of Appeals affirmed a $30.3 Million jury award in this asbestos mesothelioma case filed by a woman on her own behalf and on behalf of her deceased husband. Her husband was exposed to asbestos in his workplace in the 70s. He distributed materials as a parts picker working with items such as brakes and clutches. Part of his job description was to sweep up asbestos dust. The verdict was rendered against a supplier of auto parts which contained asbestos fiber and the manufacturer of asbestos filled clutch products.

This case has taken a long time to wind its way through the court system; since the plaintiff has lost her husband, she and others in her circumstance would likely have significant difficulty making ends meet throughout his period of illness, through treatments, employment disability, death, funeral and burial. It is tough to manage a loved one’s illness, all of the regular household bills and expenses, all the expenses of her husband’s illness and a lawsuit, all at the same time, all while waiting for justice in her and her husband’s case. I don’t know whether the case will be appealed further, but, so far, justice is hers.

Mesothelioma is a devastating, incurable, disease. Compensation does not prevent years of suffering; it does not prevent death. But, sometimes it recognizes the extent of the suffering and that is why the verdict is so high in this case. A long, hard fought battle seems to be nearing the end, with a favorable result in sight. Victims need to know that they do not need to face these financial burdens alone. Victims like this one should be interested to know that they do not have to take too little, too soon from a greedy insurance company or manufacturer of poisons, like asbestos. They can apply for and receive lawsuit funding from an experienced provider of that valuable service. This is a service for plaintiffs with pending personal injury litigation that provides a lawsuit cash advance against their potential jury verdict or settlement, cash now to take the financial heat off.

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