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How Does Litigation Funding Benefit Plaintiffs?

Litigation funding, a non-recourse cash advance, can help you pay the onslaught of bills and stay financially afloat during a pending lawsuit.

It took five long years to settle a medical malpractice lawsuit resulting from a child being deprived of oxygen at birth. Medical negligence left the child with a severe permanent brain injury. Sadly, she only lived for a short time before succumbing to her fatal brain injury. The lawsuit revealed that not only did the nursing staff fail to adequately monitor the fetal heart strips and did not notice that the baby was in distress, needing immediate emergency medical intervention, but the nurse was in training and not adequately supervised.

Moving forward with this case must have been a very emotional and financially draining decision. Thousands of dollars to pay for medical expenses and counseling, coupled with day to day bills are difficult to consider when you’ve just lost your newborn child. Hopes, dreams and expectations are shattered by this significant loss.

This case is the reality of most lawsuit; they take a very long time to reach a verdict or settlement during which time plaintiffs will often face significant debt. In many instances, big businesses and insurance companies will deny, delay, and defend as long as possible in an attempt to get the plaintiff to settle too soon, for too little. Just like the defendant “buys time” so can the plaintiff. Litigation funding is often the answer to handle unexpected medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, and ordinary living expenses while awaiting a final settlement. It allows plaintiffs to get relief from financial pressure and avoid settling simply due to the need for cash.

Litigation funding can often be arranged within 24-48 hours and is only a phone call away. Don’t let money worries force you to settle prematurely. Applying for, and receiving, litigation funding requires no background or credit check and no employment verification. The only thing that matters is if the case has merit; if it is winnable in court. With litigation funding, there are no monthly payments and the cash advance is repaid only after winning your case. If the case does not settle in your favor, the cash advance is completely waived.

Litigation funding may be the best scenario to move forward with peace of mind and out of a stressful financial state. Once an application is completed, we will your case will be quickly review by our investors. If approved, fund can be available in as little as 24 hours. To learn how litigation funding can benefit your case, complete the online form or call our office toll-free at 1-877-377-7848.

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