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How a Plaintiff Can Play the “Waiting Game”

Are you still waiting for your lawsuit to settle? Are you financially strapped for cash?
Are the bills piling up? If you could use CASH NOW, we can help!

Lawsuit Financial knows that waiting for your lawsuit to settle can be as stressful as the situation that caused the suit. Unfortunately, while your attorney is building your case, the bills don’t go away. When this happens, you may consider settling for a less than fair settlement because you need CASH NOW! This is exactly what the insurance companies hope you will do; it is part of their delay, deny, and defend tactics.

Insurance companies know that the longer they stall, the more desperate a plaintiff becomes. This is where Lawsuit Financial can help. After you complete a simple application, we will review your case. If approved, Lawsuit Financial will provide you with a cash advance against your lawsuit. There are no upfront fees, monthly payments, credit checks, or employment verification. The best part – the cash advance is on a non-recourse basis meaning it is only repaid if, and when, you win your case.

Here is an example of how it works:
A single mother of two was seriously injured in an auto accident when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. Mary suffered serious and disabling injuries; one of her children was killed. The woman was physically and emotionally unable to work, and unable to otherwise support herself and her case. She soon became financially desperate.

Mary consulted with, and ultimately hired an experienced auto accident attorney. Bills and expenses began to accrue and her house payments were several months behind. The insurance company offered Mary $500,000 to settle. Desperate for cash, she asked her attorney to accept the low-ball offer. This is exactly what the insurance company was counting on. Fortunately, Mary’s attorney advised against an early settlement and referred her to Lawsuit Financial. We carefully reviewed the case and recommended a series of advances; the first advance of $5,000 was wired to her account within 48 hours. Less than a year later, the case resolved for $2.1 million.

With the help of Lawsuit Financial, Mary was able to stay financially afloat and hold out for the settlement she deserved. She did not have to pay back any of the lawsuit cash advance until her case settled. Had Mary lost her case, she would have owed us nothing. That’s because obtaining litigation funding from Lawsuit Financial is risk-free.

If you filed a lawsuit, don’t let the “waiting game” jeopardize your finances and credit. Now you can play the “game” with the insurance company and get the money you deserve. To learn more, call or visit us online for a no-obligation consultation.