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House Falls Off Foundation During House Transport Operation: Man Crushed to Death

Transporting houses for a living is a tricky job. In this case, one of the men working to move the house from its foundation was crushed when the house fell off its foundation. Firefighters responded to the scene of the accident in record time, but they couldn’t help the man under the house.

Evidently, there were six men working this construction site and trying to lower the house on to its foundation. The house was too tall when it was built and wasn’t up to code, so they had to lower it to be in compliance. The worker, who died was standing between two beams when he was pinned and crushed to death. The other workers made it out safely.

Obviously, there will be an investigation; the main thing the accident investigation needs to uncover is a cause, so that future accidents may be prevented. Perhaps there was negligence, perhaps not.

Whether or not this becomes a workers compensation case, a wrongful death case, or both, litigation is a foregone conclusion. An insurance company will represent the employer in a workers compensation lawsuit, or, if an alternate contractor was negligent, the contractor in a wrongful death lawsuit. These cases will takes months, if not years to resolve. Investigations must be conducted and the court dockets are crowded. It takes awhile for a case to wind its way through the legal process.

This unfortunate family has lost its principal means of support and may need some financial help to get through the long litigation process. They may want to consider a service known as lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding, or legal finance, as some call this valuable service, will assist the family with their ordinary bills and expenses as well as funeral and other accident related extraordinary expenses. The litigation funding company does this based on the merits of the lawsuit; your credit rating or job status does not matter. And, if you lose your case, the lawsuit cash advance is excused; you do not have to pay it back. This is called non-recourse lawsuit funding.

It is very easy to apply; you can do so by phone or on the internet. If you qualify, you will have the money you need within 24-48 hours after approval. Please note that workers compensation lawsuit funding is not available in all states. The legal finance professionals can provide you with a list of those states where workers compensation lawsuit funding is available. Don’t settle you case for pennies on the dollar before your case is ready. Give your attorney the time he/she needs to get you the right amount of compensation for your loss. And who does that hurt? THE INSURANCE COMPANY, THAT’S WHO!