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Home Explosion Leads to Lawsuit against Utility Company

Was a Tennessee utility company negligent in the installation and inspection of a device that connected a gas line to a home? Was this the cause of a natural gas explosion that killed a teenager? These questions will ultimately be answered by a jury in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the teen’s parents.

The plaintiff contends, and a fire inspector confirms, that the explosion was the result of a gas leak into their home. The teenager was found dead in the basement of the home after the blast. Both parents suffered injuries – his mother a fractured vertebra and several other fractures that required surgery; his father broken ribs. The couple is seeking damages for the loss of their son, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of life.
Anytime someone loses a loved one, it is devastating both emotionally and mentally. As in this case, there may be physical pain and suffering as well due to one’s own injuries. Additionally, there is likely to be a financial hardship. On top of all that comes the financial and emotional roller coaster of a lawsuit. Many families will wait several years for a settlement to be reached. This long, hard battle to reach justice may place an additional financial burden on a victim’s family. But this is no reason to settle for too little, too soon.

Those who need help financially during a wrongful death lawsuit may want to consider lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against a potential jury verdict or settlement. It is designed to help the plaintiff pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, mortgage, and those monthly bills that pile up. It is a way to make ends meet while awaiting a lawsuit settlement. Lawsuit funding stops the greedy insurance company from controlling the plaintiff. It puts time in the hands of the plaintiff to await justice.

If you have filed for a wrongful death lawsuit and are trying to manage medical expenses, funeral expenses, plus all the daily household bills and expenses, don’t settle your case out of desperation. You may be able to receive pre-settlement funding. Applying for a lawsuit cash advance requires one to complete an application. If approved, the lawsuit loan can be received within 24 – 48 hours. There are no upfront fees and no monthly payments. Credit and employment do not matter because we focus on the case and the case, alone. And, if you lose your case, you do not repay the lawsuit loan. It really is risk-free legal funding.

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