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Hit-and-Run Accidents on the Rise in Illinois

Chicago police are concerned about the recent rise in hit-and-run accidents in Illinois over the last few months. Unfortunately, there are many factors contributing to the abundance of hit-and-runs, but the most prevalent are the number of unlicensed or illegal drivers and the fear of driving under the influence.

Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that more than 2,600 people die yearly in hit-and-run accidents. However hit-and-run accidents are not limited to multiple vehicles accidents. One out of every 5 pedestrians killed on the roads die from a hit-and-run, according to NHTSA.

Drivers involved in auto-pedestrian accidents are required, by law, in most states, to stay at the scene of the accident and render aid. In a recent Lake Zurich accident, the driver left the scene after hitting a pedestrian, leaving her for dead and her two friends injured. Police are still searching for a light-colored SUV they believe struck the three teens from behind as they were walking on the shoulder of the road. The auto-pedestrian accident occurred on July 22, 2011.

No legal action can ever bring back a loved one killed in an auto accident, but it is more devastating when justice is forestalled by a hit and run driver who evades police and refuses to take responsibility for his/her carelessness and negligence. A hit and run accident can be very complicated. Hit and run laws vary from state-to-state and so does insurance liability. While most insurance companies will pay for damaged caused by a hit and run accident, some may deny coverage if the accident resulted in a crime. It is imperative you contact an attorney to help preserve your legal rights. An experienced auto accident attorney will work with the investigative team to reconstruct the accident to find the person responsible and hold them accountable.

If you suffered an injury, or lost a loved one in a hit-and-run accident, you may be dealing with mounting medical bills, funeral expenses, and loss of wages. If the hit and run driver is not found, Lawsuit Financial hopes that the unfortunate victim was wise enough to secure uninsured motorist coverage from her own insurance company. This valuable and inexpensive coverage insures accident victims who are injured by uninsured or un-located hit and run drivers. Coverage limits should be purchased for the highest limits available (or, at least to the same limits to which you would insure yourself if you happen to be the negligent driver). Policyholders can also purchase underinsured motorist coverage to protect themselves if they are injured by someone who has minimal insurance. With this coverage, their own carrier picks up the difference between the value of an injury and the amount of the negligent party’s insurance (up to the limits you purchase-again, it is our strong advice that you purchase as much as you can afford).

Whether or not the family of the deceased teen can pursue the negligent party, because he/she is found, or whether they pursue the case as an uninsured motorist case, lawsuit funding is a service they may want to consider. If the family qualifies, ordinary and/or extraordinary expenses can be made by a lawsuit funding company while awaiting a settlement or verdict in the case.

If you have recently filed a claim against the insurance company it could realistically take months, or even years, before a settlement is reached. Call Lawsuit Financial to learn how we may be able to help secure the money you need to pay bills while waiting for fair compensation.