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Head-on Crash Seriously Injures Two-Can Lawsuit Funding Assist?

A young man was driving his Pontiac along the road when he decided to pass a car in front of him. When he veered into the oncoming lane of traffic to pass the car in front of him, he lost control of his vehicle and couldn’t return to his own lane in time. The ensuing head-on automobile accident was devastating.

According to police reports, the young man and his passenger were up all night at a concert; they decided to hit the road when the concert activities ended. Police suspect alcohol and speeding were factors in this crash. Driver and passenger were taken to hospital for serious head and chest injuries. The driver of the other car also was transported to the hospital; he was treated and released the same day. Charges were pending against the negligent driver.

Our young Pontiac driver may face more than criminal charges; a civil lawsuit may be in his future. While his passenger may have been a friend or relative, that passenger relied on him to drive safely. That didn’t happen in this case and the passenger sustained some life-changing serious injuries. If he has traumatic brain injury, he will have enormous medical expenses for the rest of his life. Chances are that he will retain an automobile accident attorney and file a personal injury lawsuit.

While he is considering filing a lawsuit, he should also check out pre-settlement funding. A lawsuit cash advance would help him pay his important expenses, medical bills and other costs associated with his injuries and enable him to wait for a fair offer. He won’t have to take a deliberately low offer from an insurance company that delays and denies so that plaintiffs will be desperate for money when they receive an offer. The sole aim of any insurance company is to resolve a case as inexpensively as possible and delay tactics are part of a pre-determined strategy used to achieve that aim.

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