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Head On Collision Kills Three, Injures Three

Sometimes, we are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes, we are just unlucky. There are no rational basis for events that suddenly take the lives of young adults and children with their whole lives in front of them. People who support tort reform or who put pro-business interests ahead of our common humanity must think that these types of events won’t happen to them. They must think that they are immune, right? Because, If they or their family members could suffer serious injuries or death in a tragic accident, they couldn’t possibly advocate for a civil justice system that would treat them or their family members the way they and their pro-business, tort reform advocates treat others. To read or listen to their garbage, one would think that business is the victim, not the horrifically injured person.

Take this savage accident, for instance. It is responsible for the deaths of at least two children. A man was heading east when a west bound car driven by a visiting Australian man crossed over the center line and slammed into his vehicle.

And, just like that, two children and a young mother are dead. All were seat belted, but the impact was too severe for the belts to save their lives. Three others were seriously injured, taken to hospital for medical care.

So, why did the west bound car cross the center line? I suppose a police investigation will reveal what caused this accident. So, most likely, will a subsequent lawsuit filed by the injured and the survivors of those killed in the crash. Losing a loved one or caring for seriously injured survivors is enormously expensive and compensation is necessary and appropriate. Does it matter that some business’s bottom line is effected?

And, insurance companies, even in situations as tragic as this one, are often willing to play waiting games with people’s lives. Their money, business as usual, the corporate bottom line, is that important to them. Thus, these greedy insurance companies will delay the proceedings for as long as possible. They will attempt to make plaintiffs desperate to settle, just to pay their medical bills or regular important bills and expenses like mortgage, rent or car payments.

In response to this dastardly insurance industry behavior, an industry, the lawsuit funding industry, was born. Serious accident victims, those who are victimized a second time by the delay, deny, defend tactics of an insurance company, can now get pre-resolution financial assistance from a litigation funding company. If the case qualifies, pre-settlement funding will help seriously injured accident victims or wrongful death survivors handle their financial obligations, whether they arise from the accident (medical expenses, funeral/burial costs) or whether they are regular expenses that can’t be paid because of the accident (mortgage, rent, car payments, etc.). A quick phone call or online visit to the legal finance website will get you started. The money you need can be in your bank account with 24-48 of the time of your initial phone call. And, since qualification is based solely on the quality of your case, your credit situation does not matter.

There are no costs associated with filling out an application for lawsuit funding; there are no upfront fees and no monthly payments to make. It’s a very simple and straightforward process. The person applies, has his case assessed, and gets approved; the money is forwarded, by check or wire, his bills are paid; the financial pressure to settle too early for too little compensation is removed, and he may comfortably wait for the case to resolve for full value. A plaintiff who can wait out the process for appropriate compensation is the insurance company’s worst nightmare.