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Hard Bump to the Head? Don’t Ignore it, it Might be Serious

A concussion happens when someone strikes their head or when someone or something hits a person in the head. Concussions range from mild to severe and in the process may cause serious brain problems. The major problem with concussions, something often referred to as silent injuries because you can’t “see” them, is that they can turn a person’s life upside down. Many people are never the same again and recovery from a concussion, or worse, may be a long and challenging process, not to mention expensive.

The most common causes of people sustaining concussions are slip & falls, sports injuries, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and construction site accidents. Generally speaking, the severity of the concussion depends upon how hard a person was hit in the head. If they lose consciousness for a long time, this is not a good sign. Some people are able to recover their memories at a later date, but in most cases, memory damage is permanent. The signs of a possible concussion are: unequal pupils, mentally confusion and repeatedly vomiting. There may also be seizures, one-sided body weakness and coma.

If you have sustained a concussion as the result of someone else’s negligence, you will want to talk to a personal injury lawyer and find out about filing a lawsuit. After you have retained an attorney and he has filed a lawsuit, you might also want to consider the possibility of applying for litigation funding to help you deal with the financial crisis of losing your job and not having much in the way of savings. A lawsuit cash advance will let you pay all of your bills, including the “usual” expenses you have every month. In other words, you get to keep on going, pay your bills and have the ability to wait for a fair resolution to your case.

Lawsuit funding can be arranged within 24-48 hours; there is no credit check and you don’t need to have a job. Most people who apply for legal finance services have lost their job or are missing work because of their injuries. Legal funding is contingent on your lawsuit recovery; if you lose the case you do not have to repay the money. The application is simple and free; you have nothing to lose.

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