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Going to Work should not be a Grave Mistake!

Work sites are required to provide a safe environment for employees. They must comply with up-to-date safety procedures and provide workers with the proper equipment to ensure safety. If a company fails to do so, it may be held liable for job site accidents.

A bridge collapsed on southbound Interstate 75 in Cincinnati sending tons of concrete crashing to ground, killing a construction worker. The man was part of a contractor crew working on the demolition of the bridge. As the bridge collapsed, a tractor trailer struck the collapsed section as it hit the ground. The truck driver suffered minor and not life-threatening injuries.

The Cincinnati Fire Department said the collapse happened about 10:30 p.m. Monday while the bridge was undergoing demolition. A new bridge had previously been constructed, but there is no immediate indication that the old bridge had any structural problems. The city will be working with the Department of Transportation to determine what caused the collapse. The deceased construction worker leaves behind a fiancé and four young children.

At this time, there has been no mention whether the worker was wearing a safety restraint or tethered to the bridge to prevent a fall, but skimping on safety is dangerous. As more of our public infrastructure is built and maintained by private companies, responsible contracting is more important than ever to prevent workplace accidents. Unfortunately, when private firms are awarded contracts, the bidding and decision process is focused on cost and performance on previous jobs, will little or no consideration to the contractor’s compliance with safety regulations. Additionally, many projects of this scope include the state agency, contractor and possibly multiple subcontractors, making accountability more challenging.

When a worker is killed in an on-the-job accident, his family can seek workers’ compensation death benefits. However, worker’s compensation benefits are usually inadequate when it comes to compensating a family for losing a primary or sole wage earner. Families may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the victim’s employer and any third-parties whose negligence may have caused or contributed to the fatal incident. An experienced attorney will be able to help the family better understand their legal rights and options.

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