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Despite increased public awareness and laws designed to warn drivers about the dangers of texting and driving, serious auto accidents happen every day as a result of drivers preoccupied with their cell phones. When situations like these arise, accident victims are often left with severe, life-changing injuries. Even worse, victims often face extensive medical bills and lost wages. Adding insult to injury is the insurance company’s less-than-fair settlement offer. While an experienced auto accident attorney can help obtain justice and full case value, Lawsuit Financial can provide a lawsuit cash advance to pay the bills and stay financially afloat.

A man was seriously injured when a texting driver crossed the center line and struck his Ford Explorer. The Explorer flipped before coming to a rest in the median. Police said he is lucky to be alive. The distracted driver escaped with minor injuries.

Clearly, a driver looking at a cell phone to read a text message is an accident waiting to happen. This is not mere speculation; it is fact. It takes on average 5 seconds to look at a text message. It seems like “no time” at all, right? Think again. At highway speeds, 5 seconds is enough time to travel the length of a football field. It is, absolutely, enough time to risk your life and others. No text message or phone call is so important that you have to endanger your life or the lives of others. Lawsuit Financial urges all drivers to shut off their phones before they get behind the wheel.

Despite the studies, research, public awareness, and devastating headlines, many people will still engage in distractions behind the wheel. No matter the type of accident you or your loved ones have been in, you may be experiencing significant physical, emotional and financial losses. Don’t be forced to accept a low ball settlement from the insurance company just to make ends meet. Lawsuit Financial is a leading provider in the legal funding industry. Auto accident lawsuit funding is provided to people who are injured or disabled in an accident and suffer financial setbacks as a result. Find out how lawsuit funding can help pay the bills so you can wait for the compensation you deserve. Contact Lawsuit Financial today.

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