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Georgia Student Dies in School Bus Crash

A six-year-old girl was killed after a school bus she was riding in overturned in Georgia. Five others, including the driver, were treated for minor injuries.

According to reports, the bus was traveling downhill. As the driver attempted to make a 90 degree left turn, the bus flipped on its side and slid several feet into the grass.  The little girl sustained serious injuries in the crash; she died that night in the hospital. The bus driver has been charged with a homicide by vehicle in the first degree and reckless driving, a misdemeanor. It is speculated that she was driving too fast; the posted speed limit on that stretch of roadway is 25 miles per hour.

The state Motor Carrier Compliance Division is assisting police with the ongoing investigation to determine what caused the crash, including whether speed was a factor or whether there was a mechanical failure or other explanation. In the meantime, the parents of the deceased young girl have sought attorney representation. It is unclear at this time if they will be pursuing legal action.

Wrongful death cases are never easy for the families of the deceased, but filing them may not only provide compensation for one’s loss but may provide the added benefit of reducing the chances that a similar occurrence will happen to someone else. However, the settlement process can be painstakingly slow. Bus accident cases can drag out for many months, even years.

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