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Four Lives Took a Back Seat to One Man’s Desire to Drive under the Influence

A group of young women had hired a limo so they could drink responsibly during a series of visits to North Fork wineries. As the limo was making a U-turn at a blinking traffic signal, it was struck broadside by a pick-up truck. Four women in the limo died – three at the site of the accident; another at the hospital. Three other passengers, the limo driver and the driver of the pick-up truck were injured and treated at the hospital. The fatal accident is still under investigation, but the truck driver was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Part of the investigation will include if the limo driver was making an illegal U-turn and if the driver of the pick-up fled the scene as some reports have indicated.

In addition to facing criminal liabilities, the truck driver could face civil claims. Additionally, if it is determined that the limo driver made an illegal U-turn, he and the limo company could also be held accountable. A wrongful death lawsuit may help in the recovery of damages as well as provide a sense of closure.

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