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Four Lawsuits Claim Defective Crossing Gate in Amtrak Accident

On June 24, 2011, an Amtrak accident resulted in six fatalities when a tractor trailer slammed into the train in the Nevada desert. The train was carrying 204 passengers and 14 crew members. Lawsuits have continued to pile up alleging negligence on the part of truck driver and his employer stating that the truck driver ignored railroad crossing gates and warning signals. After a year-long investigation, evidence shows that the crossing gate was intact after the accident, raising questions whether the gate came down too late or not at all. Four recent lawsuits allege that that Amtrak used a defective rail crossing signal and the DOT failed to post effective warning signs for motorists. These lawsuits will undoubtedly take years to settle, time some plaintiffs may not have financially. For those financially-strapped plaintiffs, Lawsuit Financial can help.

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