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Four Killed, 14 Seriously Injured in Crash Near Our Nation’s Capital

A pickup truck collided with a church van in Hyattsville, Maryland, leaving four people dead and 14 others injured. Police believe the pickup truck initially rear-ended a passenger vehicle before going several hundred feet farther up a road, losing control and then crossing a double yellow center line into the path of the van. When the van struck the truck, the pickup became engulfed in flames. Three people in the van were killed, including a young child, along with the driver of the pickup truck. The 14 injured – six children and eight adults – were taken to various hospitals, eight in critical condition. The crash is still under investigation.

This devastating accident could lead to multiple-person litigation. It will also be a lengthy process to sort out all of the details in the litigation and reach a fair settlement for the victims. How do those who have lost family members or who have been seriously injured support themselves while they wait for case resolution and justice in the case? One answer is lawsuit funding.

Even before the grief subsides, the victims may find themselves faced with financial hardship. Once they have hired an attorney, they can apply for a lawsuit cash advance to help pay important monthly obligations that are difficult to make during times immediately after the death of a loved one or recovery from serious injuries. Approved applicants can receive the cash needed within 24- 48 hours, by check or wire transfer. There is no cost to apply; there are no credit checks and no employment requirements. Best of all, our clients’ make no monthly payments; the cash advance is only repaid when they receive their settlement. If the case is lost, they owe nothing.

At Lawsuit Financial, we are experts in sourcing immediate capital when a legal emergency arises. By providing financial assistance to injury victims and their families, we remove the financial burden to wait out the lengthy litigation process for the justice they deserve. If you have been seriously injured or a loved one has been killed in an auto crash, only an experienced attorney can tell you whether you have a right to compensation. If an attorney takes your case and files a lawsuit, and you need financial assistance, give us a call. We will provide a free, no-obligation consultation for your case.