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Fort Worth Street Racing Causes Passenger Death

Street racing certainly isn’t legal by any stretch of the imagination. In this automobile accident case, street racing gone wrong caused the death of a young passenger who was just along for the ride and the fun.

The race took place in Forth Worth, Texas in the hours just prior to midnight. The trucks were on a service road that bordered an Interstate highway but still was connected to it by a T-intersection; an ideal place to street race, or so it seemed to those involved in the games that night. The police report shows that two red Chevy Avalanches were screaming down the road at high speeds. Twenty year old Carlos-Jimenez Cano as a passenger in the front seat of his friend’s truck when it ran a red light and careened into a retaining wall. The other red truck clipped an Isuzu Axiom SUV as it rocketed through the T-intersection and fled the scene of the horrific crash. The SUV driver was unharmed, the other red truck is being tracked down, Cano was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash and the 20-year old driver who hit the retaining wall was taken to hospital in critical condition. Alcohol was a factor in this senseless wreck.

There is little question that the driver of the truck that hit the retaining wall and the driver that fled the scene of the accident were reckless and negligent. The family of 20-year old passenger, Carlos-Jimenez Cano would be best advised to seek the assistance of a dedicated and skilled personal injury attorney.

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