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Foreign Object Crashes Through Window Causing Serious Injury: Truck Drivers: Secure Your Load!

This bizarre automobile accident happened in the blink of an eye and caused some severe injuries. This case involves a construction worker and his company for improperly lashing a PVC pipe to the flat bed of a truck.

Car driver Mark Ochao got the shock of his life when the PVC pipe that was on the bed of truck took flight and smashed through his windshield. Needless to say, one of his phone calls from the hospital was to a personal injury attorney who will be assisting him through the long and difficult litigation process.

The details of this case are very unusual; the end result is devastating. Ochao was driving down a highway; he was passed by a 2002 Silverado that had PVC pipe loaded on its bed. For some reason, the Silverado driver hit the brakes and a 4-inch PVC pipe flew off the back of the truck directly into on-coming traffic.

The flying pipe went through the unfortunate Ochao’s car windshield, causing him serious head, neck, face, shoulder and hand injuries. He was taken to hospital and treated for injuries that included fractures in his face. He also apparently lost his sense of smell as a result of the accident.

In discussions with his personal injury lawyer, Ochao filed a lawsuit that alleges the driver of the truck was negligent in not properly securing his load and in driving recklessly. The construction company is also being sued since the trucker was working for them at the time and they failed to ensure he was working safely. Damages being sought are in excess of $300,000.

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