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Florida Collision Kills 14 Year Old Girl

A local County Sheriff’s Office deputy was traveling southbound on the highway, at an excessive rate of speed, with no siren or activated emergency lights. At the same time, a northbound Honda Civic attempted a left turn, in front of the fast approaching police car. The automobile accident that resulted was so horrific that the Honda’s rear end was ripped off and landed several yards away after the accident. Eye witnesses say they saw a young girl flying through the air as she was ejected from the car. She landed under a pickup truck that had stopped to assist at the scene. Unfortunately, the 14 year old died at the scene.

The Honda driver and another passenger were taken to hospital. The Sheriff’s Deputy was also taken to another location for treatment. Charges are pending due to the officer driving without lights and siren as per department regulations. The police will need to know whether or not the officer was on duty at the time of the accident and his speed at the time of the accident.

The people in the Honda will eventually seek the opinion of a qualified personal injury attorney, not only about their injuries, but about the wrongful death of the 14-year old girl. On the face of the evidence, the Sheriff’s deputy was negligent by driving recklessly and by driving without his lights and siren engaged to warn people to get out of the way.

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