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Flesh Eating Bacteria In Hospital Costs Woman Three Limbs and Hospital Millions

A Utah woman went to hospital to deliver her baby. She left after losing three limbs, as she had contracted a flesh eating bacteria while being cared for after the birth of her child. In her medical malpractice lawsuit, the woman said that medical and hospital negligence caused her to contract necrotizing fasciitis. The multi-million dollar lawsuit is now settled.

Complex medical-legal lawsuits like this one often take significant time, sometimes years, to wind their way through America’s court systems. In the meantime, victims often find themselves in dire need of cash for extraordinary expenses incurred because of the lawsuit and the ordinary expenses of life that are neglected because of injury and/or disability.

This unfortunate woman went into the hospital to realize the miracle and dream of childbirth, and, instead, experienced the nightmare of lost limbs; she is now permanently disabled, facing a lifetime of medical treatment. She is unable to work, care for her child or do anything else that she used to do, including walk, hold her child, go anywhere or do anything without assistance. Hopefully, the settlement provides her the means to receive artificial limbs or pay for appropriate assistance with the every day things that life throws her way.

Seriously injured and disable people are at a significant disadvantage in litigation with multi-billion dollar insurance companies. As a result, they often are forced to settle valuable cases for pennies on the dollar to obtain the financial support that they need today. This woman, for instance, faced a significant legal battle without appropriate resources to compete. Obviously, she had a terrific attorney who, most likely, handled her case on a contingency fee basis. Her legal obligation was covered, but what about her personal financial issues? In most states, lawyers cannot loan their clients money. So what does someone like her do? How does she support herself without conceding the significant value of her case to the insurance company? The expenses for her care, medications, therapy, counseling, child care, home renovations and personal nursing services must have been astronomical.

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