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Fleeing the Scene: His Second Accident Claims 13-Month Old’s Life

Amy Alanis and Joshua Molina are living every parent’s nightmare – the death of a child. On the evening of February 1, 2010, Ms. Alanis, Mr. Molina, and their 13-month old son, Joshua (J.J.), together with two friends, were heading home on the northwest side of Chicago when Putiporn Kaewmooka smashed into their Honda Civic. Little Joshua was thrown from the car through the rear window and pronounced dead at the hospital. Two family friends were also killed in the crash.

But, there is an unbelievable sub-plot to this tragedy: Shortly before blasting through the intersection and ramming into the Honda driven by Mr. Molina, Kaewmooka was fleeing the scene of another auto accident which occurred a few blocks away. Kaewmooka was traveling well in excess of the speed limit, driving without headlights, as they were damaged in the first accident. Two days after the fatality, Mr. Kaewmooka was released from police custody because alcohol and drug tests came back negative, and because he previously had a flawless driving record. What is wrong with this picture? He was in two accidents minutes apart – fleeing one; injuring two and killing three in another. Alanis said in that one moment, he took all the hopes and dreams they ever had for their son.

Mr. Molina and Ms. Alanis have filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified monetary damages for the death of J.J. and for the injuries their own serious injuries. The lawsuit, they say is about justice for their son; it is not about the money. This is another case of a senseless act. This couple has lost a precious opportunity that we often take for granted: the simple, priceless, opportunity to watch their child grow up. They can only remember his first hug or first kiss; they will never experience his first day at school, his first baseball game, his prom, graduation and other childhood milestones. At a press conference, his mother had this to say:

“His smile was not like everybody else’s – he showed all his teeth…He was just learning to give hugs and kisses.”

Joshua was born on Christmas day, December 25, 2008. Christmas mornings will forever be a day of mourning for the Molina and Alanis families.

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