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Five Years To Settle Medical Malpractice Case

It took five long years to settle this medical malpractice lawsuit for $4.4 million Sierra Wilson was born in 2003, and during her birth she was deprived of oxygen which caused severe permanent brain injury. Sadly, Sierra only lived for a short time before succumbing to her fatal brain injury. The facts of this case highlighted the negligence of the nursing staff at the hospital where Sierra was born. The nurse caring for Mrs. Wilson while she was in labor failed to adequately monitor the fetal heart strips and did not notice that the baby was in distress, needing immediate emergency medical intervention. As the result of this ghastly oversight, baby Sierra was born with a permanent brain injury; she died from complications of cerebral palsy resulting from oxygen deprivation. It was later discovered that the nurse taking care of Mrs. Wilson was in training and not adequately supervised.

This tragedy could have and should have been avoided. What mother would ever suspect that the nurse caring for her for the three days prior to her induction would be too inexperienced to notice the obvious distress. The hospital was supposed to care for her and her unborn child; she expected to leave the hospital with her healthy baby in her arms. Instead, she had to deal with her sudden and tragic death, resulting from preventable negligence.

The Wilson family chose to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to make their point about the care they received at the hospital. They could not bring Sierra back and could not move forward without knowing that her death would serve some purpose. That purpose is to prevent a tragedy like this one from ever happening again.

Moving forward with this case must have been a very emotional and financially draining decision. Thousands of dollars to pay for medical expenses and counseling, coupled with day to day bills are difficult to consider when you’ve just lost your newborn child. Hopes, dreams and expectations are shattered by this significant loss. This unfortunate couple would have been good candidates for litigation funding, they might have dealt with their financial issues by making use of a lawsuit cash advance, the repayment of which would be contingent on the outcome of their lawsuit. That means if they lose their case, they do not have to pay the money back.

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