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Five Year Old Automobile Accident Results in Verdict-Justice Takes a Long TIme

A woman was awarded $300,000 in damages for injuries sustained in an automobile accident five years ago. She was a passenger in a vehicle that collided with another car at an intersection. A news article reported that the woman’s injuries were to her right ankle, left knee, back and neck. If you accepted the press report version of her injuries, you may not concur that she deserved the compensation. However, the jury had all of the facts; the press didn’t and usually doesn’t when reported these events.

This case may be a perfect example of how inaccurate reporting by news and press services can create negative impressions about our civil justice system and why victims receive the level of compensation awarded. Again, juries hear the full facts and are instructed on the law by the judge; the press and the public are not. How extensive or serious were this woman’s injuries? Did she have surgery? Has she recovered 100%? Is she still disabled? Has she returned to work? Will she ever return? Is her disability permanent? Is she disfigured in any way? To what level? How much pain did she endure? Is she still in pain? At what level, five years later? How much income has she lost? What was the spin-off effect of that lost income? Did she lose her house? There are many unanswered questions.

Most accident victims are forced to file a lawsuit because a greedy insurance company won’t compensate him/her at a reasonable level. Further, the insurance company knows that the system takes a long time to resolve cases and compensate victims; the money due an injury victim can sit in the insurance company’s bank account for years, earning interest, while the injured and under-financed plaintiff grows more and more desperate for a resolution. Insurance companies will typically withhold settlement and/or resolution unless it is in their own best interest to resolve the case or until a judge or jury force them to pay. Their are only two services that work in the injured party’s favor. One is that he/she can hire the best automobile accident lawyer in town on a contingency fee basis. That means that the lawyer risks his fee on the outcome of the case. He doesn’t charge a dime unless he wins; he doesn’t get paid if he loses (and, he usually loses the money he spends on the case). He is a difference maker; he can counsel an injury victim and assure receipt of a fair settlement. But, he must operate within a system that is overburdened and takes a long time to produce results.

The other, lesser known service, available to a cash-starved plaintiff is lawsuit funding The lawsuit took five years to settle. How much did she suffer physically, emotionally, and financially in that time? How did she support herself and prevent the insurance company from taking full advantage of her desperation? Litigation funding may have been her solution. Legal finance services will help accident victims by paying their important bills and expenses (rent, mortgage, car payments, tuition, utilities, groceries, etc), relieving the financial pressure to settle a case too soon for too little. The lawsuit financing company, like the contingency fee lawyer, will wait for repayment until the case is resolved, successfully, and, like the attorney, will excuse the obligation if the client loses the case. Thus, legal funding is a no-risk service for an injury victim.

A lawsuit cash advance is a simple process – make a phone call, complete an application; if approved, funds will be in your hands within 24 – 48 hours by check or wire. There are no fees to apply, no monthly payments, and, again, repayment is contingent upon you winning the case. With lawsuit funding, what do you have to lose?

Back to our automobile accident victim: For all we know, this settlement could be extremely compared to the woman’s past, present, and future financial situation. Please don’t believe the nonsense you hear about “jackpot justice”, “frivolous lawsuits” or “lawsuit abuse”. Those are phrases that the insurance industry and other Goliath industries use to persuade you that the system is broken. When it is you or one of your family members involved in that serious automobile accident, who will you turn to? Will you rely on the honesty and integrity of an insurance company to do the right thing? Or, will you turn to a pro-justice, pro-victim,contingency fee attorney? You know the answer; so stop listening to the nonsense.